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Who We Are

Buckhorn Valley Metropolitan District No. 1 and Buckhorn Valley Metropolitan District No. 2 (collectively "The Districts"), are metropolitan districts formed pursuant to Article 1, Title 32 of C.R.S. and are political subdivisions of the state of Colorado.

The Districts operate and maintain the infrastructure necessary to deliver water for the community’s common front yard irrigation system serving each privately owned lot. Each year, the Districts take the steps necessary to ensure that the water rights owned by the Districts are exercised and remain uncompromised for the continued benefit of the community. The Districts collect revenues through property taxes and fees. Monthly fees for irrigation (non-potable) water may be paid
online, through automatic payment, or via US Mail.

For billing information or to pay your bill, please visit the Fees and Payments page on this website.

For general information about the Districts, please visit the General Information page.

Additional district overview information may viewed in this online document

To get in touch, you may contact the District Managers by visiting the Contact Us page. Thank you for your interest in the Districts.