Fees & Billing Information

How do you accept payment?

The Districts can only accept check or cashiers check to the PO Box for payments. 

Most owners set up auto-bill pay through their bank so the bank will cut and mail the check each month.  Dues should be sent to:

   Buckhorn Valley Metro District
   PO Box 5128
   Gypsum, CO  81637

When are payments due?

Payments are due on the first of each month. 

A late fee of $5 is assessed for accounts overdue by 30 days. 

If accounts reach six months overdue and total at least $150, the amount may be collected by the county of Eagle through property taxes, plus a 30% collection fee.

What are the billing rates?

Water service / Metro District dues effective March 1, 2016:
Buckhorn Valley  $50.99        

Buckhorn Empty Lots  $38.28
Aspen Ridge  $24.77        

Aspen Ridge Empty Lots  $24.77
Hawks Nest  $21.25        

Hawks Nest Empty Lots  $21.25

Mountain Gateway  $21.25       

Mountain Gateway Lots  $21.25

Online Payments

We are working to provide you with the convenience of a direct online payment link. We expect an online payment option to become available in Winter 2020/2021.