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12/21/2020: Update on use of open space behind Buckhorn Valley

The land owner of the nearby open areas adjacent to Buckhorn Valley, BV Firewheel, is restricting use to those who have signed a release and waiver to safely use their private land and trails. 
Activities that are allowed include hiking, mountain biking and horse riding (with signed waiver/release).
Activities that are not allowed include hunting, shooting, motorized vehicles and motorized bicycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorized bicycles, and dirt bikes.
Private areas are marked in red on the map linked below.


Special Meeting Notice for Friday December 11th, 2020 at 1pm has been posted on the Board Meetings page of this website.


Board Vacancy: Directors Seats Presently Unfilled

The Buckhorn Valley Metro Districts are seeking qualified residents to serve on the Boards of Directors. The Boards anticipate considering appointments to the vacancies in the first quarter of 2021.

The Boards meet as needed, but at least once per year, to discuss and take action on its annual budget, audit/audit exemption and other annual statutory compliance items. Attendance at Board meetings is required. If you are interested in serving the community as a Director, please click the Read More link below for more information on the application submittal process. Thank you for your interest in the Districts and your community!



October 8, 2020

Dear Neighbors,

It’s hard to believe, but winter is just about upon us. Please take a moment to review the following information about the scheduled winterization of the irrigation system:

IMPORTANT: The District will be closing the irrigation supply system down and blowing out the pipes for winter, commencing October 19, and completing by October 23. In conjunction with this, the Buckhorn, Hawks Nest and Mountain Gateway systems will be drained and winterized. Due to seasonal equipment availability and other factors the work requires a great deal of coordination, and once the dates are determined, they cannot be easily changed.

It will be necessary for the District’s operations personnel to be in backyards throughout the community during these days. It will also be necessary for them to return later this winter to locate, inspect, and map system valves and connections. The irrigation technicians will do their best to minimize disruption, however you will likely hear the noise of the system being blown out if you are in the vicinity while the work is in progress. As you may know from prior years, blowing the system out can be surprisingly noisy. Barking dogs and related disruptions may occur. While mid-October is the time of year when the system is traditionally winterized, the dates for fall shut down and spring startup are dependent upon average weather conditions. The dates are set in order to minimize the risk of unexpected hard freezing, which can cause extensive and costly damage to the shallow portions of the system; specifically, the portions of the irrigation network located in your yard, and the yards of your neighbors. The main lines, supplying water to and throughout the community are better protected as they are buried much deeper in the ground.

Each year the District will continue to evaluate annual weather conditions to consider if it is reasonable to extend the irrigation season beyond the traditional startup and shut down dates. If the season is extended, it will be necessary to evaluate and possibly control the daily water use so that the District doesn’t exceed the limitations set forth in its water rights or the provisions of the Town approvals. Lastly, please be aware that Town ordinances forbid the use of potable water for irrigation. The Town can impose substantial daily fines for noted violations.

Thank you very much for your patience, cooperation, and support!

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Abrams Creek Project


In the spring of 2019, the District completed a very exciting and environmentally conscious project to improve the raw water infrastructure diverting water from Abrams Creek. The project consisted of the installation of approximately four miles of pipeline and a very innovative screening system system at the head gate designed to keep fish in the creek without harm including a rare aboriginal species of Cutthroat Trout native to Colorado. To learn more about the importance of native trout, please see this article from Trout Magazine. The improvements were designed to:

1. Reduce water loss, and improve efficiency

2. Provide cleaner more reliable irrigation

3. Protect the environment / improve sustainability of habitat for local wildlife

The improved pipeline reduced the disruption to the creek thereby contributing to a sustainable habitat for local wildlife. We invite you to view the video prepared by Trout Unlimited showcasing this project from the link at the bottom of this article. This project was also featured in articles from Vail Daily newspaper.

The project was conceived approximately ten years ago when the District began the

coordination of a joint project to improve its water sources and protect local wildlife. In 2019, the $1,200,000 Abrams Creek Project was completed almost entirely through grant funding from local agencies and special interest groups including:

The Town of Gypsum

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Colorado Water Conservation Board

Trout Unlimited

For more information, we invite you to watch the following short videos showcasing this project:

Abrams Creek, Rare and Vital Resource

Abrams Creek Project


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